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Deicing Technology

Battelle has transformed in-flight aircraft ice protection with a proprietary technology based on resistive heating coating. This innovative anti-icing and deicing solution’s small size, weight and power envelope are unmatched in the industry.


When ice builds up on aircraft either through precipitation on the ground or by formation of ice during flight, it’s dangerous. Ice can add significant weight, requiring more fuel expenditure and potentially making the aircraft too heavy to fly. It also changes the aerodynamics of the aircraft’s surfaces, adding drag and reducing lift. Any of this could mean a cancelled mission, or more seriously, a mission failure.   

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Battelle’s HeatCoat™ technology uses a high-conductivity, carbon nanotube heating coating that conforms to the existing skin of the aircraft and utilizes intelligent sensors and controls to reduce ice accumulation without compromising flight performance.

graphic showing how the nano-coating prevents ice build-up

Application options: Direct spray or laminate film options allow flexible designs for all types of aircraft.

Surfaces: Suitable for control surfaces and engine inlets.

Continuous protection: Key advantage of unlimited operating time over systems with finite power or fluid reserves.

Control: Adapts to unforecast conditions and selective autonomous operation ensures safety of unmanned aircraft.

New or retrofit design: Minimally invasive components make it suitable for new platform designs or retrofit of current models.

Our affordable ice protection system is designed to minimize cost of ownership – from field repair to lifecycle costs.

  • Designed to FAA 14 CFR, Appendix C to Part 25 

  • MIL-STD 704F Aircraft Electric Power compliant

  • Compatible with current aerospace coating systems

  • Nanotube conformal coating – compliant smoothness/waviness for laminar flow airfoils



When it comes to aircraft, weight and wing profile matter. HeatCoat’s significant size, weight and power advantages over alternatives means more mission payload, range and persistence.

With our HeatCoat technology, you can take aircraft higher and farther under icing conditions than traditional deicing and anti-icing technology allow. 
  • Extend mission envelope
  • Improve flight safety margin in icing conditions
  • Reduce flight cancellations
  • Improve mission completion rates