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Battelle AirAlert™ 

Keep personnel safe from airborne chemicals in the field, on the base or wherever they may be deployed with AirAlert. 


Protection from chemical spills and toxic fumes in indoor and outdoor environments is a very real need.  

Battelle can help you protect your personnel from dangerous chemicals.
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AirAlert is an easy-to-use, portable system that sounds an automatic alarm when dangerous chemicals are detected in the air, allowing military personnel and contractors to get out of harm’s way as quickly as possible. It provides convenient and affordable risk reduction for field reconnaissance, base cleanup or demilitarization operations, chemical weapons destruction and other high-risk missions. 

AirAlert can:  

  • Detect volatile sulfur and phosphorus chemicals, such as VX and sarin nerve agents and sulfur mustard, at sub-part-per-billion concentrations 
  • Alert staff to unsafe airborne chemicals within safe exposure times, even in complex, multi-substance work areas 
  • Verify air quality during cleanup operations or recon before sending in personnel 
  • Access real-time data on your computer and review stored data for safety validation 
  • Mitigate risk for field and base personnel and validate good safety practices 
  • Link multiple AirAlert detectors to one computer to monitor as many work areas as needed 


Mitigate risk for your employees and get validation of good practices with AirAlert, by: 

  • Using stored data to validate safety practices  
  • Being alerted quickly of airborne contaminants in the work area  
  • Obtaining more sensitive detection of volatile airborne chemical contaminants