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Comprehensive Evaluations We can handle the full spectrum of CBRNE threats in a regulatory compliant environment.

Testing & Evaluation Services

With state of the art infrastructure, a complete suite of capabilities, and industry leading subject matter expertise, Battelle provides our government and industry partners with the most comprehensive and relevant evaluations of CBRNE defense equipment for development and acquisition efforts.


If your challenges include:

  • Time-critical testing of soldier survivability systems
  • Characterization of new materials in a dynamic environment
  • Rapid prototyping of solutions to emerging needs
  • Critical data capture from energetic and hazardous events
We have solutions.
Learn how our testing and evaluation services are done right the first time.
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Our testing infrastructure and expert staff work with the full spectrum of chemical, biological and radiological threats in a regulatory compliant environment. We’re able to assess CBRNE defense equipment and processes throughout the lifecycle, including: 

  • Technology assessments
  • Developmental testing
  • Operational testing
  • Surveillance testing
  • Independent technology validation and verification


Our testing and evaluation capabilities include:

  • Protective equipment testing (suits, boots, gloves, masks, filters)
  • Detector testing and air monitoring method development
  • Decontamination, mitigation, and survivability testing
  • Residual hazard analysis modeling
  • Agent characterization testing
  • Explosives, ammunition and armament testing
  • Test method and test infrastructure development

Our specialized facilities include:

ambient breeze tunnelAmbient Breeze Tunnel (ABT)
Efficiently test multiple, large defense equipment with well-controlled challenges in an ambient environment. 

analytical chemistry laboratoriesAnalytical Chemistry Laboratories (ACL)

State-of-the-art chemistry and biology laboratories that use highly sensitive methods for analysis of samples containing trace quantities of threat compounds. 

hazardous materials research centerHazardous Materials Research Center (HMRC)

Largest and most comprehensive contractor-owned contractor-operated facility in the U.S. to work with chemical warfare agents. 

biomedical research centerBattelle Biomedical Research Center (BBRC)

Largest, private BSL-3 containment laboratory in the U.S. dedicated to medical countermeasures for chemical and biological agents. 

ARCA chamberAerosol Research and Component Assessment (ARCA) Chambers

Chambers for efficient testing of relatively large biodefense with “live” aerosolized agents requiring up to BSL-3 containment. 

man in simulant testingMan in Simulant Testing (MIST)

Five-person test chamber that uses chemical agent simulant vapor to measure the performance and protection factors of chemical protective ensembles. 

high energy research labHigh Energy Research Laboratory (HERLA)

Lethality and survivability system assessment, engineering, modeling, metrology and testing services for ammunition and explosives, non-lethal weapons, foreign material exploitation and armor development. 


Battelle offers more than 90 years of leading-edge research. We provide complete classified security, ISO 9001 certified quality management system practices, ITAR compliance, subject matter experts available to provide unique support, the complete containment of potentially toxic chemical, biological and high-energy events, and access to weapons and ammunition for the testing of armor. We also manufacture surrogate weapons for testing.

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