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Program Support Center (PSC)

The Program Support Center (PSC) is the largest multi-function shared service provider to the Federal government. Hosted by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) PSC provides 40 different customer support services to Federal agencies on a fee-for-service basis in five key markets: administrative operations, real estate and logistics, financial management, occupational health, and procurement management. The PSC IDIQ contract is available to any Federal, state or local government agency for the following major areas of support.

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Policy Assessments/Analysis: Of major issues receiving active consideration by key Government officials; emerging issues and changing policy direction. 

Program Assessments: Covers the entire field of software data and analysis procedures, statistical methods, and routines to support studies and conduct investigations of various software engineering technology issues and topics or the assessment of state-of-the-art software engineering tools, technologies, and methods. In addition, assists with the installation, demonstration, test, and evaluation of new software and software engineering tools and techniques.

Evaluation Design, Evaluations and Data Collection: Proposing measurements and comparisons; apply appropriate evaluation methodologies and research designs to test program or answer a specific research question.

Performance Measurement: Government Performance and Results Act (GPRA).

Technical Assistance: Assessing and assisting in program areas; Designing and implementing a data collection system, Designing and implementing a program evaluation; Developing or improving internal management systems; Developing, installing or improving financial systems and basic accounting methods and financial records; Interpreting audit reports, correcting deficiencies and complying with appropriate program regulations; and Installing or improving project specific quality assurance systems.

Data Analysis: Simple and complex analysis of federally supplied and public access data (SPSS, SAS, etc.).

Auxiliary/Support Services: Reserved for SB (Translation and interpretation, Sign language, Teletype, Website support, 508 compliance, Production and distribution of publications)

Contract Information 

Contract Number: HHSP23320150095I

Program Ceiling: $500M

Available Order Type: CPFF, FFP, FFP-LOE, T&M

Users: Any Federal, state, or local agency (including D.C. government agencies)

Competitive Procurement: Competed to 125 Large and Small Primes