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Insights to Improve Operations Enabling you to target investments, maximize profitability and protect the environment.

Subsurface Resource Management

Battelle brings together engineering and geoscience expertise to deliver sound, sustainable solutions that help you control costs and risks while getting the most out of your assets. We leverage deep experience in subsurface geology, computer modeling and simulation, and geoengineering to give you safe, practical and sustainable solutions for conventional and unconventional oil & gas development.


When looking to streamline efficiencies and maximize profits, oil & gas companies are always on the hunt for accurate tools that will help model and predict what’s beneath the surface. Onshore and offshore, Battelle’s suite of services provides better insight into the challenges of exploration and production.

Better understanding leads to better decisions.
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Our services include:

Carbon Management
Develop an integrated strategy for geologic carbon storage and utilization. We provide end-to-end service for geologic sequestration of CO2 in depleted oil field and saline reservoirs, including site selection, reservoir characterization, drilling, injection operations, monitoring, reservoir management, permitting, cost and risk assessment, as well as outreach.

Enhanced Oil Recovery
Select the right Improved/Enhanced Oil Recovery strategy to maximize your financial returns. We offer screening and predictive modeling for a variety of secondary and tertiary strategies including water flooding, CO2-EOR, and CO2 Huff’n’Puff.

E&P Data Analytics
Identify your “sweet spots” and understand the key drivers of well performance. We apply advanced statistical modeling and machine learning techniques for analysis of production data and better integration of log and core data during reservoir characterization.

Wellbore Integrity
Quantify your risks and prioritize mitigation activities with objective, accurate data and analysis. Battelle provides comprehensive evaluation, testing and risk assessment services for wellbore integrity.

Induced Seismicity
Get a better understanding of how, when and under what circumstances fluid injection increases the risk of earthquakes. Researchers at Battelle are studying seismic activity near oil & gas production sites in order to develop maps and decision tools that show the potential for fluid injection to induce seismic activity and the total volume of fluid that can be safely injected in each area.


Battelle helps oil & gas companies to gain insightful information about what’s beneath the surface so they can improve operations. That knowledge helps enhance productivity and mitigate risk. From the lab to the well, Battelle’s robust subsurface resource management services enable you to target investments, maximize profitability and protect the environment.