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Rapidly Assess and Understand Vulnerabilities

We can help you protect public health and brand reputation.

Food & Beverage Threat Assessment

Battelle is solving some of today’s biggest challenges for the food and beverage industry. We’re uniquely equipped to characterize, assess, model, predict and measure the full range of food and beverage threats. 


We’ve created an arsenal of proprietary tools to provide highly accurate and comprehensive insights into questions that have traditionally been difficult – or impossible – to answer. Questions range from how you mitigate food illness outbreaks or how you combat food fraud to how you better understand the ingredients in your food or beverage products. 

The approach focuses on predicting fraudulent tendencies similar to approaches used by Battelle for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to predict terrorist tendencies and preferences.

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packaged chickenPRIA™ Poultry and Meat Risk Mitigation Software 
Poultry and other meat processors often are concerned with salmonella and campylobacter contamination (and the associated risk of outbreaks, recalls, lawsuits and regulatory intervention). Battelle’s Probabilistic Risk Informed Analysis (PRIA) software is an effective tool for reducing exposure and quantifying the impact of various mitigation strategies. Learn more

various types of beans and grainsFighting Food Fraud with EMAlert
To help combat food fraud, Battelle and Decernis have partnered to provide EMAlert, a secure, comprehensive and intuitive software tool that enables food manufacturers to rapidly analyze and understand economically-motivated adulteration (EMA) vulnerabilities.


researcher working in a labFood & Beverage Chemical Characterization & Analysis 
Protect your brand with complex mixture analysis services from Battelle. We conduct in-depth characterization and analysis of food and beverage formulations and ingredients to give you the accurate, objective and confidential answers you need. Learn more.


Food manufacturers place great value on the consumer’s trust in their brands. An issue that compromises the integrity of the food supply chain cannot only lose consumer trust and induce fear among the general public, it can represent a threat to public health. Being able to rapidly assess and understand vulnerabilities to foods and beverages so that mitigation actions can be prioritized and pursued is essential to protecting public health and brand reputation.