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Encapsulation by Design

Battelle’s encapsulation technology is ready to be tailored to your specific need. Our innovative microencapsulation technology can be adapted for a wide range of products, from time-release nutraceuticals to agrochemical formulations.


Maybe you are looking to increase the length of time a spray of perfume can be detected, or maybe you need improved household cleaning products? Whatever your challenge, Battelle can solve it.

Battelle can solve your advanced materials challenges.
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Encapsulation allows the development of shelf-stable formulations using ingredients that are normally incompatible, keeping one ingredient safely enclosed in a polymer capsule that can be designed to respond to a variety of different release triggers (like pH, temperature, pressure or dilution).

Some examples of applications for Battelle’s encapsulation technology include:

  • One-step laundry products
  • Smart lotions and fragrances
  • Blended agrichemical formulations
  • Self-healing coatings
  • Single component resin/curing agent systems

Specific agricultural applications for encapsulation include sustained release of pesticides and fertilizers, stabilization and increased bioavailability of animal feed nutrients and seed protection.


Smart Laundry Capsule
The Battelle Smart Laundry Capsule™ Additive
Can bleaches and activators come together in one highly effective laundry product? With the Battelle Smart Laundry Capsule™ additive, the activator is safely mixed right in with your bleach products within a biodegradable capsule for one-step, high efficiency cold-water bleaching power. Learn More
Smart Corrosion Detector
Battelle Smart Corrosion Detector® Capsule
Protect your valuable infrastructure and equipment with an innovative smart bead that detects and mitigates corrosion as soon as it starts: the Battelle Smart Corrosion Detector® Capsule. Learn More


With this technology, our experts are finding ways to advance a wide range of products, combining formerly incompatible ingredients into one shelf-stable product that activates with a trigger of your choice.